Sonoran Desert Sunset

Sonoran Desert Sunset

14 February 2016


Gentle reader ~ my intent was to post this yesterday, but I was laid low.  So pretend it is Saturday, 13 Feb 2016, and read on ~

On this day in 2008 I started my first blog, .  Early on, my entries were self-conscious and stilted.  As I gained my sea legs, thoughts flowed more smoothly and naturally onto the page.

The most recent entry I made was on 17 May 2014, also a Saturday.  For the previous year I had struggled with the diagnosis and onset of Parkinson’s Disease, sharing with my readers as the symptoms evolved.  My usual posts on science, music, the arts, cosmology, politics and random arcane discoveries became fewer as the disease eroded my ability to focus, hold a train of thought, or embrace abstract notions.  

During 2015 I endured a harrowing year-long toxic reaction to a Parkinson’s medication and the subsequent descent into loss of balance and motor control, and eventual delusions and hallucinations.  The ensuing psychological and physical crash finally snapped everyone ~ family, medical caregivers ~ to attention.  

Since then my meds have been adjusted and I’m back in the world.  The only lingering effect is weakness and lack of stamina, a result of too many months of no exercise, no PT, no daily walks, and bingeing on ice cream (any comfort food in a storm).  I gained 30 lb. in two months, and am having the devil’s own time losing it again.

Am I whining?  Hell no.  Mentally I am engaged, alert and hungry to rejoin the human race and the natural world.  I decided to shift my attention from my former hosted blog to writing in my own Internet domain, the very one in which you are reading these words.  

So hang on, kids.  This ride will surely have unexpected moments......


Green Vine Snake
native to the Indian subcontinent
photo courtesy of National Geographic

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