Sonoran Desert Sunset

Sonoran Desert Sunset

15 April 2016


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Today's post continues this past Monday's premise of introducing talented contemporary nature photographers through their work, in hopes of presenting the gentle reader with unexpected moments of beauty, and also in  hopes of expanding the awareness and support given by new viewers to our chosen artists.

After sweeping around the continent, we arrive at our last (but not final) locale ~ Tennessee.  It is here, in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, that photographer Ken Jenkins grew up, and here that he began at an early age to develop his keen photographer's eye and sure command of both photographic technology and the elements of composing art.  

His work is marked by vivid color and light/dark contrasts, by both unfolding drama and quiet reflective moments, and by an appreciation for nature not only in his home region, but all across the country.  

Here's an example of striking drama ~ (click any image to enlarge) ~

Mountain Lion in mid-leap

And here's a haunting image for quiet reflection ~ one could only wish for the sounds of all that water ~

Numerous small mossy waterfalls suggest either
Spring runoff, or a very wet climate

Since I'm a sucker for wildlife, particularly for predators, here are two images in which Ken has somehow managed to capture both drama and reflection.  You'll find many more at Ken's website.  Enjoy.

Two Bobkittens eagerly waiting in their cottonwood bole 
den for Mama's return -- and with her, lunch !

Magnificent capture of
banking in flight


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