Sonoran Desert Sunset

Sonoran Desert Sunset

15 April 2016


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Orca in fluid movement

Today's post continues this past Monday's premise of introducing talented contemporary nature photographers through their work, in hopes of presenting the gentle reader with unexpected moments of beauty, and also in hopes of expanding the awareness and support given by new viewers to our chosen artists.

So far we've been state-hopping, from Arizona to Montana to South Carolina.  Now we take a giant step in more than one sense, wa-a-a-a-ay northwest to Alaska, which is so big that if we were to cut it in half, Texas would be forced from second-largest to third-largest state.

Alaska is also the birthplace and current home of John Hyde, whose stunning images of the natural world have been published globally.  When asked by 'American Forests' magazine what his preferred natural subjects are, John explained, "I tend to be more attracted to large predators and raw, aggressive landscapes.  But I find quiet beauty and tranquility irresistible as well.  The subject itself isn't as important to me as the sense of time and place portrayed in the image."

Bald Eagle cruising the Tongass

John finds abundant prospects for his photo captures in and around the Tongass Natonal Forest, an old-growth temperate rainforest community which resides on mainland, peninsula and on islands along the Alaska panhandle portion of the Inside Passage.  And yes, befitting the forest's location in the nation's largest state, the Tongass' 17,000,000 acres make it the largest national forest in the U.S.  It is also John's home.  

But enough narration.  Let John Hyde's striking images speak for themselves ~

Fireweed fronting Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier

I'd like to end with an iconic predator, one which sparks controversy in the lower 48 state (referred to by Alaskans as 'Outside'), but one which enjoys much more latitude (and longitude) in the far, far Pacific Northwest ~

Gray Wolf pack


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