Sonoran Desert Sunset

Sonoran Desert Sunset

13 April 2016


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The Carolina Low Country

Today's post carries on this past Monday's premise of introducing talented contemporary nature photographers through work, in hopes of presenting the gentle reader with unexpected moments of beauty, and also in hopes of expanding the awareness and support given by new viewers to our chosen artists.

Prepare for a radical geographic shift ~ we move from southern Arizona and western Montana to South Carolina's Low Country.  I love this part of the American South.  (In August 1989 my then-partner and I moved from Tucson to Charleston.  A month later Hurricane Hugo adjusted its trajectory to make landfall with the eye wall precisely centered on our suburb of Mount Pleasant. Imagine having to evacuate the city for three days by governor's decree, taking only what you could cram into two cars, not knowing what awful destruction or loss would await your return.  We were lucky ~ our house was spared, with the exception of a very tall, very old oak which fell across one corner of the roof.  Many others were not so fortunate.  And the surrounding Francis Marion National Forest was least fortunate of all.  Much of the forest looked like the trees after a nuclear explosion ~ all snapped off three feet above the ground, with the fallen trunks all pointing in the same direction, having no alternative in the face of peak sustained winds of 160 mph.  Wildlife and habitat were swept from existence, or scattered in disarray.  My year's work with the USFS doing habitat restoration for the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker had begun.  But that's a tale for another time.)

Today the Low Country is largely recovered, and its human and native plant and animal species have revived.  Evidence of this can be found in the work of expert nature photographer Eric Horan.  I first discovered him during a simple Google search, and later discovered his Facebook page.  This is one of those rare artists who somehow (pixie dust?  a deal with the devil?  too darn much talent for one individual?) captures the essence of his subjects, in stunning clarity and detail.  Witness ~

So much so that I had a hard time choosing only three images to showcase his work.  I hope my choices will encourage-jolt-invite the viewer to explore more at his website.

p.s. ~ I cannot resist adding an exquisite image taken in my native Montana ~ a propos, perhaps, since Eric himself grew up in Colorado.  Check out the eyes!

Montana Bighorn Sheep - adult ram


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