Sonoran Desert Sunset

Sonoran Desert Sunset

23 April 2017

(NOTE:  It has become my view over the years that (A) no one knows anything about god, (B) anyone who claims to is either delusional or trying to sell something, and (C) god is in the eye of
(NOTE:  "">One would have to possess the innocence/naiveté of a child (generally the preferred age for programming indefensible beliefs), or arrogant in his world view, or generally lacking in mature, informed judgment to place much credence in a supernatural being who was "discovered" mere millennia ago.
... a being about whom all relevant information was handed down by (compared to the 21st century) illiterate, uneducated, superstitious men who claimed to be channeling the very god they were announcing to the world.
... thus creating a religion rife founded in logical fallacies, not least among them the fallacy of Circular Reasoning.
.... a religion based on a sacred text which was originally expressed in Hebrew and Aramaic (the old testament) and in Greek (the new testament).
.... said text subsequently was subjected to the rigors of 6-8 separate language translations (languages including but not limited to: Latin - Syriac - Coptic - Gothic - Armenian - Nubian - Arabic - Anglo-Saxon - and finally various & disputed English translations - not to mention Slavonic - German - Slovene - Portuguese - Spanish - Chinese - et al.).
.... and at Every Single Step Of Its Translation History, the text suffered the distortions and selective memory inherent in multiple language translations.
... rather like an ecclesiastical version of the game in which people sit in a circle and one person whispers a phrase to the next person, who tries to hear & remember accurately before passing it on, until the phrase comes full circle to the first person, almost unrecognizable from its original wording.
... and after all that, we are told to believe in the word of god? Which word in which language, and whose god? Who gets to adjudicate for the human race which is god is the correct one?
I question any set of beliefs which rely upon a leap of faith for legitimacy. I prefer good old fashioned understanding which relies on clear, compelling, replicable and falsifiable evidence. Paraphrasing Voltaire, "Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. But an opinion in the absence of credible evidence is mere prejudice".
... in the case of religions and gods, the requirement for a leap of faith is (in my opinion) a poor substitute for understanding, a most hideous blunder.
But hey, not being a deity, what do I know?

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